A Brief Background

Alya Esthetic Center has been established in 2016. Alya Esthetic Center is a beauty and health clinic which provides services with the latest technology and with excellent service. 

Alya Esthetic Center provides a range of solutions beauty by combining technology that European & USA standards and medical equipment with an FDA-approved grade-A and a product that safe and quality.

One-Stop Beauty Solution for You

FDA Approved

High Innovative Technology

Professional Doctors

The Mission

What We're Up To?

Alya Esthetic Center will help Alya’s friend to express and optimize beauty which cools well and comfortably.

Not only helping Alya’s friends to beauty problems but Alya Esthetic Center will also help to optimize Alya’s friend’s health.

The Vision

What We Dream to Be

Alya Esthetic Center is a beauty clinic that prioritizing hospitality, cleanliness and trust in Alya’s Friend. Alya Esthetic will become “one-stop solutions” for Friends of Alya.

Alya Esthetic Center will continue to improve service for Alya’s friends for comfort, satisfaction & Friends of Alya’s safety is maintained.

Alya Esthetic Center will continue to innovate for improve services for Friends of Alya and become solutions for beauty and health problems in one place.

Our Values

What Guides Us

Alya Esthetic Center

Our best certificate.

Meet Our Team

Best Expertise in one Place

Sakina Devlin


Lilly-Grace Tait

Cief Of Staff

Philippa Fischer

VP of Peaople

Philippa Fischer

VP of Peaople

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